Through its publications the Foundation for Urban Innovation hopes to stimulate a new "urban culture" – using a presentation style and non-technical language that is accessible even to people who are not in the field.

First and foremost is our documentation of the ideas, practices and projects that come out of the current process of transformation and renewal.

In 2022 we produced Commuties at the centre. From Collaboration pacts to the Neighborhoods Plan, 10 years of civic innovations of the Municipality of Bologna
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In previous years we have produced two editorial series:

I Quaderni – since 2014 
A series of monothematic notebooks having the ambition of clearly and concisely presenting some of the most important programmes an projects for the city, which are either already underway or planned for the near future. The notebooks aim to be characterised by the completeness of the information provided, which may include any references and detailed materials, and the semplicity of presentation, with the will to translate the data and technical notions relating to each project presented, into an easily comprehensible language, by also making use of appropriate iconographic support.
This series is available on both italian and english version.

01. Di nuovo in centro. A programme for a Bologna city centre pedestrian friendly - 2014
The first number is dedicated to Di nuovo in centro, the programme by Bologna City Council for a city centre pedestrian friendly, and for which Urban Center oversaw organisation of public discussions and supply of information.
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02. è Bologna. City Branding Project - 2015
The second issue is dedicated to Bologna City Branding, an important project aimed at increasing effectiveness of territorial marketing policies.
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03. Ortipertutti. New gardens in Bologna - 2015
The third issue is dedicated to "Ortipertutti", an original project about a new generation of urban gardens.
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04. Pilastro 2016. The project by the citizens' blog - 2016
The fourth issue is dedicated to "Pilastro 2016", a project that envisaged requalification actions as well as activities related to the Community Development and to the blog edited by citizens of this area (Editorial Staff).
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05. Bologna resilient city. Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation - 2016
The fifth issue is dedicated to the mitigation and adaptation strategies implemented in Bologna to face the local climate chiange relate impacts.
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06. Abitare sociale. Un'indagine fotografica per Bologna - 2016
The sixth issue is the catalogue of the exibition "Abitare sociale. Un'indagine fotografica per Bologna" promoted by Bologna City Council and Urban Center Bologna to describe social housing in Bologna.
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Leggere e scrivere la città - 2007/2012
A series by Edisai publisher, intends to explain some territorial transformation projects, offering the opportunity to get close to a subject, urban planning, usually perceived as technical, complex and far from daily life. The volumes of the series represent also an important research material about the future face of Bologna.
This series is available in italian language.

01. "Il Mercato: una storia di rigenerazione urbana a Bologna" - 2007
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02. "La città storica contemporanea" - 2008
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03. "Percorsi di Partecipazione. Urbanistica e confronto pubblico a Bologna 2004-2009" - 2009
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04. "Parco città campagna. La riscoperta della pianura bolognese" - 2010
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05. "Le città degli altri. Spazio pubblico e vita urbana nelle città dei migranti - 2010
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06. "Disegnare la città. Urbanistica e architettura in Italia nel Novecento: appunti da un ciclo di conferenze" - 2012
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All issues are also available for free consultation at the center.


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